Give your Dog a MemoryTag Card

MemoryTag has a card for your dog, your best friend, the only person (I consider dogs better than people) who never let you down, whose love in unconditional, total devotion, all dogs go to heaven, and it’s no wonder that dog spelled backwards is “god.”

Your dog looks at you with loving eyes. He or she waits for you to come home and the joy the dog expresses at your arrival is as close as you’ll ever get to divinity. You’re the only one in the world your dog lives for that’s if you live alone with just your dog.

How can you repay such devotion?

Give your dog a MemoryTag card in which you use the video capability of each card to place a video on the card telling your dog how much you love him/her. Using your smartphone, you can film yourself and your dog loving each other, you praising and admiring and hugging, your dog licking you.

It’s a permanent record of your love for your dog.

Even if like with me there are times when owning a dog can be trying.

What about the time I planted flowers in pots and the dog of course goes out in the yard and digs the pots up leading me to say, “I can’t have anything nice in my life and I never wanted a dog my wife made me buy him.”

What about the time you brought that new sofa and the dog chewed it up. How can a dog eat half of a sofa?

What about the poop the dog leaves on the carpet because I forgot to let him out what the hell the dog even tries to poop on the newspapers I dropped on the floor just barely missing the target. When I say a dog never lets you down I mean the dog never was called on to be anything but a dog and so unlike human beings, you have no great expectations to be dashed like you do with people——–who will almost always disappoint you.

Even family members.

A dog is a creature who gives everything and takes very little (dog food eaten, sofa destroyed, poop on the floor).

You forgive your dog for these minor irritations because in all your life being mistreated by some people ignored by most others—–your dog only lives for you. Excuse me for being mushy, but your dog is as close as you’ll ever get to being perfect.

In fact when God created the dog, he created perfection, a sharing animal to whom the pack (not selfish pursuits like people) is paramount.

I think a dog was really what a human was supposed to be but people never made it.

Giving a greeting card to a dog is not silly. We feed them and love them and take them to the doctor (vet) when they get sick and love and kiss them and they sleep in our beds with us and there’s no marriage you’ll ever vow that will cause you less pain—–than your dog.

If you’re like me your dog and you have become alike over the years you have been together, your dog knows what your words mean like “Walk” let’s go for a walk and he jumps for joy, or where’s the “Cat?” He’ll immediately go to the window to look. Dogs are smart they are so smart they know your every move.

I swear when I’m really low and depressed and I’m bent over and have my face down in my hands my dog Phoebe will come to me and look up at me concerned, and jump up in my lap and lick my face to cheer me up and it always does.

How are you going to beat friendship like that?

Give your dog a MemoryTag card to show your best friend how much you care. Recording a video with you and your dog and putting it on the card will become a priceless reminder of a love that will last forever.

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