MemoryTag Christmas is the Best Gift of the YEAR!

This Christmas do something different and include a MemoryTag card as a gift, or a card to accompany a gift. Using the video capability on each card this is your chance to record a message for your favorite people and you’re only limited by your imagination. Using your smartphone you can joke, tease; express love or good cheer—whatever you want.

This is a whole new way to use a card. Your special person can view your video performance on the card while you watch and share good Christmas cheer.

Christmas is after all about giving, and spending.

I love Christmas even though I complain a lot about it. Each year I go deeper in debt to satisfy the requirements of a holiday that started as the birth of an obscure preacher in the Roman province of Judea and overtime morphed into a shopping holiday with a fat man in a red suit who came originally from Germany and who squeezes down your chimney after driving a sled through the air pulled by reindeer and the animal in the front has a strobe light for a nose.

It all makes perfect sense to me.

I go to the shopping mall and fight traffic for a place to park. I go into a store and there is so much merchandise I either can’t afford or the person whom I intend to give the gift wouldn’t like.I feel lost and helpless in the crowds and like them I wander around hollow-eyed.

I tell myself I have to do this I do this every year and after this part is over the shopping part and the pain of spending money I’ll be better when it comes time to drink wine and trim the tree.

I settle on a watch that looks cheap enough for me to buy.

The watch is only $29.95 however it was made in China by a convict in a ruthless dictatorship that has prisoners make watches (and other merchandise) for a few wong or yen or whatever their money is—–and then sell it to you for $29.95.

Does this sound fair?

Anyway after selecting the watch I wait in a long line to purchase it. There’s a guy ringing a bell for Salvation Army or some such group and I think maybe I should give him a dollar and not ignore him like I do every year by saying to myself——“Don’t beg for money get a job.”

I promised myself I would try to act less like Scrooge this year.

I’m off to a good start didn’t I go to the trouble to put up the Christmas lights on the roof of my house even though after repeated use over the years and then being tossed back in the garage after Christmas almost half of the lights on the string have been broken and were taken out and not replaced?

What you see on my house are little clumps of Christmas lights in random patches.

It fits in perfectly with my erratic nature.

One thing I really love about Christmas is I drink more at this time of the year and gain weight but I have an excuse, it’s the season and this will give me the chance later to do penance and lose the weight I gained and cut back my drinking and isn’t Santa Claus fat too and everybody loves him?

So here I am waiting in line. The old bat (lady) in front of me is arguing about something with the cashier something about a discount not counted right. One of the things you have to put up with on Christmas is people (shoppers) who don’t act like it’s Christmas but who are as rude and obnoxious as they probably are for the rest of the year.

I have a yell for people like that I yell, “You’re not Currier and Ives!”

You know Currier and Ives, those cards that have Christmas scenes on them portraying peace and tranquility, for example a snow-covered cabin with little adorable animals gathered around it bunnies, deer and a moose?

I came out in the parking lot with my Christmas gifts and saw a guy yelling at his wife no doubt because of his personal problems in life which might include substance abuse, being in debt partly from Christmas, frustrations with parking and shopping, and 100 other reasons.

I yelled at him “You’re not Currier and Ives!”

I should have yelled at him, “You’re not MemoryTag!” MemoryTag has a card for almost every occasion.

Now that I’ve got my presents bought I can enjoy my outside many-broken-blacked-out Christmas lights and drink my wine.

This year include a MemoryTag card with a gift showing yourself in a video telling that person how and why you bought the gift or anything else you want to say to someone special in your life. A MemoryTag card can make a Christmas gift double-special.